We hear day to day at all time news talks about Tech, the volatility of the markets, growth forecast, consumer spending, high rates, trade tensions etc., etc. but we hardly hear, the good, the bad and the consciousness behind the Tech we develop today.

Incredible information highway of Tech communications and artifacts are being developed for us as at the present moment, we become surrounded by so many new choices on a day to day basis and with it we develop new behaviors and this at the same time impact us with new emotions that bring to life rapidly new experiences like never before.

It all happens so fast that it can get confusing in many ways. I find that is much harder for new generations to digest so much information, at a young age they are immerse with so many choices that it’s difficult for them to determine who they are and where they are headed and on top of it all we are losing the abilities to communicate in person.

So how do we help the newer generations and at the same time help ourselves? how do we go about technology, how do we determine the positive and the negative aspects of Tech and look into the spectrum gap of those two opposite sides to avoid confusion, and failure to recognize the consequences of the Tech created for us and by us.

It’s all very challenging moving into the 21st century at such speed in technology issues. So, were do we start?

I believe that as a community we need to interact more socially and analyze the impact of the Tech been developed today. We must be alert to identify the different aspects of Tech that affect us and create a dominion over those issues. Now is the moment where we can start community changes to create something good, bring something positive toward us.

We can take advantage of today’s communication systems that makes things happen in real time to form a new rhythm of shared ideas. Now is the time in history where we have the greatest capacity of positive optimal Tech construction and at the same time the greatest capacity of massive destruction as never seen before in the history of mankind.

This is a time in life where we have to meet our environmental challenges with a higher grater level of mind and consciousness; we can’t turn a blind eye to the destructive forces that we create on the name of advance technologies. As society develops Tech today, we sometimes become immune to negative things, we harm our bodies, we harm our planet, from the things we grow and eat to the things we make and throw away. We mustn’t destroy the hope of making a better planet. Technology used well is a beautiful thing, and it becomes part of our consciousness mind when used properly. Tech itself is neutral and when applied with consciousness it becomes positive for all of us.

To achieve that awareness, I think we must meditate, when we remove the feelings of our physical body, like cold, or hot, emotions, memories etc., and quiet down, what starts emerging up is our consciousness, our higher self and that is real powerful knowledge. We mustn’t over wire ourselves with Tech and toss aside the opportunity to heighten our senses.

Like never before we are creating important technologies that will change drastically the future of our children and when we begin to think and do something positively differently, to emotionally embrace that, we’re definitely changing our creative expression.

At first, I found no universal symbol for technology. We have symbols for radioactive materials and one that looks like the atom and its components swirling around, basically there are many symbols and icons that you can see and represent technology, it depends on what field of technology you look at, but there is not one that represents Tech itself and less remotely one that represents consciousness toward it. So, I made one up to play with.

I hope to transcend the visual imagery of this transformed microchip to be treated as a symbol and interpretation of Tech consciousness.

I chose to create and contribute as best possible Tech ideas into something positive by transmitting this message through the best way I know how. I chose an Art form expression.

Follow by the symbol expression, I created a projectof an Art Tech gallery concept, were the interior designs are made with circuit boardsandTech devices that we throw away into our environment.Also a blend of modern imagery of circuit boards and others are put into place.

In this new environment I intend to bring and share Tech ideas and creativity art forms.

When there is adversity in life is when many times the greatness in us emerges and the visions, ideas and dreams come to life.

Get creative and follow me.