The news constantly covers Tech issues like, the volatility of the markets, the growth forecast, consumer spending, high rates on loans, CD’s or savings, trade tensions, etc., but we hardly hear the positive or negative effects that technology has on us as individuals or the impact it has on our communities. Our consumer products and the performance of them in the markets tend to be the only central focus of attention toward the technology we are creating. We are not focusing enough our attention to share the values and believes that can bring meaning for improvement into so many aspects of our lives were technology plays a huge role on a daily basis.

The impact of waste in our environment, the impact of increasing jobs that are been taking away from us due to artificial intelligence and the impact of devises with social networks that moves our young generations away from interacting person to person with each other is probably one of todays most important and challenging issues that we have to attend more closely now than ever before in the history of modern technology.

On the other hand, an incredible information highway of Tech communications and artifacts is currently being developed. We are surrounded by new choices on a daily basis, and with these choices, we develop new behaviors. This also creates new emotions, bringing new experiences to life more rapidly than ever before.

All this happens so fast that it can get confusing. New generations have a hard time digesting so much information; at a young age, they are immersed in so many choices that it’s difficult for them to determine who they are and where they are headed. And, on top of it all, they are losing the ability to communicate in person.

How do we help the younger generations and help ourselves at the same time? How do we approach Tech, determining its positive and negative aspects? How do we avoid confusion and recognize the consequences? where do we start?

I think as community, we need to interact more and analyze the impact of the Tech being developed today. We must identify the different aspects of technology that affect us and gain dominion over these issues by taking advantage of today’s communication systems that make things happen in real time, we can communicate with each other and form a new rhythm of shared ideas. For example if I have a problem with my kids isolating themselves at the dinner table consumed by their addiction on their phones and I want to try to find a solution for this, well maybe we should start thinking of creating a new social network with meaning, were we input our problems and concerns that deal with technology issues only and share them with others all around the globe. You’ve be surprised to find that other parents from different places in the world have solve that same problem and it’s working for them, so you try there recipe out. Put it into play and you may very well have found a solution there. I call for a meaningful new social media network, one that moves away from trivial aspects of life and focuses on the challenge of Tech awareness, if we can buy products from all corners of the world why can’t we try to find solutions from all corners of the globe.

Going into more existentialism thinking as of how we have the greatest capacity to create optimal, positive Tech construction. Yet, at the same time, we have the greatest capacity for mass destruction, as never seen before in the history of mankind, makes us realize by far how fragile is the earth we live in and the environmental challenges that need to be treated with a higher level of consciousness; we can’t turn a blind eye to the destructive forces that we create in the name of advancing Tech. As we evolve science, we sometimes become immune to the negative aspects of our technology creations, harming our bodies and our planet—from the things we grow and eat to the things we make and throw away. We mustn’t destroy the hope of making a better planet. Tech used well is a beautiful thing, and it becomes part of our consciousness when used properly. In itself, Tech is neutral and, when applied with consciousness, it becomes positive for us all but if not, it is the most powerful destructive force that can disrupt nature and our survival existence depends on it, on nature.

Like never before, we are creating important Tech that will drastically change the future of our children so therefore we need to be conscious of the way we develop that future for our children. The meaning of the word awareness and consciousness is similar but not the same and many scientists have struggle though history to come to terms with the difference between self-awareness and consciousness.

I personally feel that awareness or to be self-aware of something is to know something exists, for example starvation in a place and time, to know it, is to be aware of it. Now when you feel empathy, to truly feel something and to want to do something about it, to make it better, that’s when you really become conscious of it. And to really truly be conscious of it, it’s when you are actually doing something about it.

I believe that to achieve a certain level of consciousness, we must meditate, somehow remove ourselves as much possible from feeling our physical body, like cold, hot, emotions and quiet down the system, shut down the distractions of our Tech devices and feel internal peace, when you master this exercise, I think what starts to emerge is balance energy within you, energy that brings true feelings for others, empathy, compassion, understanding, forgiveness etc. things that Artificial Intelligence can’t ever do, this are the things that makes us human and differentiate us from machines. Like Aristotle said many centuries ago “technology will always try to imitate nature” and that leads me to believe that by doing AI to the extreme, we are forgetting one very essential thing and that is; the more we depend on AI and let it make decisions for us, the more we start to act like it and the more we push aside the humanism from our inner selves.

To finish this chapter off another way to find consciousness is always to vividly go out and interact with nature, there is great piece to be found there.

Transformed Microchip into Art form


I could not find a universal symbol for Tech at first. I feel symbols are important to identify the process or functions something represents, it carries meaning that represents one’s culture.

We have symbols for radioactive materials, a symbol for the atom and its components—basically, many symbols and icons represent different parts of Tech, depending on the field. But no one symbol represents Tech itself or our consciousness toward it. So, I created one to play with.

I hope to transcend the visual imagery of this transformed microchip to treat it as a symbol and interpretation of Tech consciousness. I chose to create and contribute the best possible Tech ideas by transmitting my message the best way I know how. I chose art as an expression.

After I created the symbolic expression of Tech, I dreamed of creating an environment with E-waste. So, I created a Theme Art Tech Gallery concept, in which the interior designs are made with circuit boards and Tech devices that are typically thrown away. Added to this concept I also mixed modern imagery reflections and images of those elements, making a blend between both. I designed mechanical movements make things even more interesting. All this is inspired by the beauty I find in many elements on the devises we throw away, specially in circuit board and microchips. The two images you see above are real microchips (old ones), that were taken out of a mother board, were grinded down to show the inside and were transformed in an artistic way. A process I was fortune enough to patent and I feel deeply passionate about.

In this new environment called ATG, I intend to share Tech ideas and creative art forms.

Adversity can cause the greatness in us to emerge, causing visions, ideas, and dreams to come to life.

Get creative and follow me.