The Art Tech Gallery

Welcome to ATG a place where we can share aspects of technology in an artistic way and create from it Tech awareness.

The gallery itself is a tech artform. Its interior designs and furniture were developed using computer circuit boards and artifacts we throw away and the imagery derived from them.

The concept of the gallery is to invite artists of all ages to exhibit their work and share their ideas. The main topic is technological consciousness. The gallery is a place where artists can shed light on this topic, and bring inspiration, creativity, and awareness to the technology being developed today.

The gallery invites artists and inventors to share their creativity.

ATG is a place for us to learn about different aspects of technology and be creative.

We invite all people to leave their print on this web site so that we can best create a new network with your consciousness thoughts.

ATG is designed to spark all generations of artists and inventors to see technology in a new way and to encourage everyone to develop positive, clean, and smart technologies.

The mechanisms are designed to move structures and to open up to white spaces so the chosen art can be displayed.

Time and imagination have no limit.

Thinking becomes awareness and awareness becomes us.

A print we leave for future generations it’s a print worth making.

The challenge is creating new, positive technology. The challenge is now.

At ATG, we meet our environmental challenges and search for solutions and ways to help reduce the environmental impact of technology.

Dance with us.

We are inviting tech companies to get on board with the development of ATG.

Together, let’s build cathedrals of knowledge and consciousness.

The possibilities are endless.